Caira Joins Evolve as the New Medic

The cooperative shooter Evolve is receiving a new addition to its roster of hunters in the shape of Caira, the final healer for the game. Being a scientist, Caira’s mission in the game is to find the origins of the monsters she’s hunting and figure out what they are after.

According to the announcement trailer, she has the ability to launch healing grenades that heal everyone in the blast radius upon exploding, including herself.

In addition to that she also has the ability to give herself and her team members shots of adrenaline boost, making them run faster. This ability alone makes it a must to have Caira on your team since it guarantees you tracking down the monster faster.

Upon landing, hand out adrenaline boosts and see your team fly through the map and overtake the feeling monster in the early game. Of course if you’re in need of bigger challenges then let the monster farm and meet it when it has leveled up.

Finally Caira has her Napalm grenades as well that deal heavy damage on direct hits. If it detonates near the monster, it will inflict a DOT that will allow team members to inflict more damage to it.

Evolve just recently wrapped up its first alpha and was it a wonderful experience. The thrilling hunts, exceptional atmospheres and level design made the six days seem limited. We can’t wait to try out the game again.

Evolve is scheduled for release on February 10 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.