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Battlefield 4 Final Stand Update Brings Multiple Fixes Along With DLC

DICE has released a new update for Battlefield 4 to bring new additions and address some of the major issues that players were encountering.

First, it enables Battlefield 4 Final Stand for the Battlefield 4 premium members. Apart from that, this update adds new gameplay options for customizations, tweaks the hit indicator, fixes an issue that prevented players from joining the rented servers and much more.

It also improves the overall experience with various weapons tweaks and fixes, by improving few animations, by fixing exploits, and by bringing some changes to the past DLCs.

You can check out the weapons tweaks given below:

  • Corrected errors in zeroing/velocity for L96, 338 Recon, and SR338. All had zeroing/muzzle velocity problems. All these weapons now zero correctly.
  • Using a FLIR/IRNV scope no longer cancels out the blinding effects of a Flashbang.
  • Corrected the description text of an advanced aim sensitivity option to mention 3X scopes (like the ones for .44 Magnum and M1911 pistols)
  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes lose the effect of the FLIR/IRNV after spawning in.

Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC has been unlocked for the premium members, while regular players will have to wait until December 2nd to get their hands on it.

The update is out now for all platforms and to view its changelog, visit the game’s official website.