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These Angry Birds Clothes Somehow Help Kids Learn Stuff

Ok, let’s get this one over with: Publisher Rovio has announced it will make Angry Birds clothes that somehow inspire kids to learn. Clothes will be made by Finish fashion designer, Ivana Helsinki.

These clothing items are tied to Angry Birds Playground, an educational program effort from Rovio. Here’s an explanation from the company, to know what exactly that means:

Angry Birds Playground is based on the Fun Learning philosophy, which is all about flow. Flow happens when we are at the optimal state of excitement, and it’s when we’re in that state that learning is most effective. Wearing clothes that let kids explore at ease is part of the solution.

There’s some more marketing talk in the press release about the Angry Birds Playground items, but it’s not making us any wiser. With all the merchandise the franchise is able to sell, we figure it was getting hard to find a new angle.

Really, we’re at a loss as to the use of this announcement. It’s literally just some shirts. Remember when your shirt improved your grades?

When not creating marketing maelstroms, Rovio is invested into more than games these days. It recently announced the cast of its feature film for the Angry Birds name, which will release in 2016.

The movie will headline with comedian Jason Sudekis and feature more roles from actors of names like Eastboound & Down, Frozen and Orange is the New Black. Moreover, Youtube sensation Smosh, named Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, will be a part of the film as well.