The Witcher Adventure Game Has Received A Tutorial Video

Last year, CD Projekt Red announced The Witcher Adventure Game, a digital and physical board title. It is based on the universe and the characters of the fantasy novel series called The Witcher.

With the release on PC, Mac, iOS and Android set to happen by the end of this year, developers have released a new tutorial video for the title.

The game guides you through the basics, so that you would not have to consult different guides after it has been released. In The Witcher Adventure Game, up to four players will participate in a race to finish the main quest before other players.

When one player completes the third main quest, game will automatically come to an end after the turn has been completed for all other players.

At the end of each game, glory points will be awarded to whoever holds most victory points. For detailed information on the game, you will have to check out the video above.

If you are into board games (digital or physical), then you should keep tabs on this upcoming title. CD Projekt Red has an amazing track record with its previous games, which is why I wouldn’t expect any less from this game as well.

The physical version of The Witcher Adventure Game is set to ship by the end of this month, while digital version doesn’t have a fixed release date yet.