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TriForce Announces Limited Halo Plasma Rifle Replicas

TriForce has revealed a pair of Halo 2: Anniversary Plasma Rifle replicas, that come at a hefty cost but look beyond amazing. Divided between a red and blue variant, the red “Brute” model is priced at $650 of which $162.50 has to be paid up front to secure a piece.

The blue version on the other hand is a bit cheaper and comes at $600 and to secure one you’ll have to pay the upfront payment of $150. The advance payments on both replicas are non-refundable.

Both are currently available for pre-order from the company’s official website.

Both replicas are hand-painted and even have some working LED effects. They measure 24.5″ tall and weigh about 15 pounds. According to TriForce, only 150 of the red units will be made, will 500 units will be made for the blue version.

The announcement of these replicas come just a week after the massive release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One. The game’s matchmaking has been suffering since launch but with 343 Industries working diligently around a fix, the matter should be corrected soon.