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Total War Attila: The Sassanid Empire Detailed

Creative Assembly has been sharing details about Total War Attila, one faction at a time. The latest faction in line is The Sassanid Empire.

The Sassanids effectively took over the Parthian Empire. By expanding their boundaries, the Sassanids have put themselves under considerable threat and pressure from the oppositions. So, The Sassanids are in a “delicate situation.”

According to the faction page:

“Forces from without threaten their control of the Silk Road, while the Eastern Romans undermine them even in times of peace. Yet the Sassanids cannot be slowed by such things.

As their claim to the throne is rooted in military prowess it is imperative that their recent conquests continue, lest control be wrested from Persian hands once more.”

In the game, the Sassanids will have a number of state satrapies under their command at the beginning of the campaign. Don’t think of Sassanids as savages. They are educated people with an impressive base of operations and a decent income.

The sanitation level of this empire is also high, and they are in a good position to expand their boundaries, if they can keep all the satrapies happy.

Apart from the Sassanids, 3 other playable factions have already been revealed. Including The Eastern Roman Empire, The Vandals and The Visigoths.

To know more about them, visit the wiki page here.

Total War Rome Attila is slated for an early 2015 release for PC.