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GTA V Strangers and Freaks, Gun Range Challenges, Arms Trafficking Missions

In the recent months, we have all experienced how the developers have revamped the way GTA V looks.

There are tons of new things to do in the game as well and all that comes along with the chance to revisit the game’s glorious content again (or do it for the first time, in case you didn’t buy it for PS3 or Xbox 360).

Talking of, we are also going to get to play different missions and challenges that are not directly related to the game, but definitely form an integral part of the overall experience.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, think Strangers and Freaks Missions, Arms Trafficking Missions and Gun Range Challenges.

GTA 5 Gun Range Challenges Guide
Gun Range Challenges are something that you should definitely take time out for. This is not just because of how interesting they are; it is also because it brings you some awesome advantages.

First off, completing these missions will get you 25% off on all the weapons you purchase and secondly, they will also unlock multiple new weapons for you.

GTA 5 Arms Trafficking Missions Guide
Anyone who knows GTA V is bound to be fond of Trevor – who doesn’t know him! He also happens to own Trevor Enterprises and is big on Arms Trafficking.

Yes, this is the guide that will guide you through the thick and thin of Trevor’s misadventures at being an entrepreneur of his own kind.

There are five air traffic missions as well as five ground traffic missions, you will find all the advice and directions you need for them up there.

GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks Missions Guide
Last but not the least, we have the Strangers and Freaks missions.

Each one of the three characters can hook up to people on the map and take on a mission from them. These missions have been highly popular among the community, and that is why we are providing you with a complete rundown on each of them.

There is a total of 11 missions for Michael, over 20 for Trevor, and around 24 missions for Franklin among the questline of Strangers and Freaks. Check out the guide above to get things going!