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GTA V: Character Transfer Issue Fixed For PlayStation, Not Xbox

GTA V was supposed to release with a functional service of allowing users to transfer their profiles from the previous-gen versions to the current-gen ones.

However, players soon started reporting issues when trying to cross over with their progressions on both console. Rockstar Games has issued a statement that the problem with the transferring has been fixed but has been now for just the PlayStation 4 version.

This means that returning GTA V players on the Sony platform can go ahead now and transfer their GTA V PS3 statistics, characters and progression to the PS4.

Xbox One users will have to wait a bit longer, but not that long since the fix is said to arrive either tomorrow or day after.

“This issue has now been addressed for PlayStation┬«4 and Playstation 3 users, and will be addressed for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users by tomorrow,” said the developer.

“Xbox One players can still log in to Grand Theft Auto Online but will not be able to transfer characters until the fix is in place.”

Weirdly, the issue affected only those who hadn’t played GTA Online on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 since 2013. When such users tried to transfer their profiles, they were shown the error message: “No previous Grand theft Auto Online data is associated with your Social Club account.”

Despite the little hiccup, GTA V’s release on the PS4 and Xbox One has been pretty smooth. That’s a sigh of relief taking into account some of the other recent releases.