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GTA Online Patch 1.02 is Now Live on PS4, Fixes Vehicle Transfer

The wait is finally over, GTA V is now available in the market for PS4/Xbox One and with it, the highly popular GTA Online.

The current-gen versions come with many new features and benefits. The most interesting one being the first-person mode.

Also, players who already own the game on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 can transfer their GTA Online progress, characters and more to PS4 or Xbox One.

However, it seems as though the PS4 version has some issues with this feature. Specifically, with vehicle transfer. Thankfully, Rockstar was quick to fix this and has released a new patch 1.02 for PS4 to address this problem.

Changelog for the update simply states: “Fix for GTA Online that prevents issues with player vehicle data.”

In order to transfer your data from PS3 to PS4 you’ll have to follow the below mentioned steps.

1: Start Grand Theft Auto V on your PlayStation 4 system.
2: Enter GTA Online
3: You’ll be prompted with the option to transfer your previous game data alongside the choice to change your character’s appearance.

Note: If you want to transfer your data later, you can return to this option through the pause menu.

4: Once you select the transfer option, the transferable in-game Rank and RP of your previous characters will be displayed.

5: When the transfer has been completed. You will be prompted to choose your character to play GTA Online.

(Similar process can be used for Xbox One.)

Players who were hoping to see the inclusion of online heists will have to wait a bit longer. The highly requested feature will be added with the release of the first big GTA V update for PS4/Xbox One.

Rockstar have stated that the same feature will be added to last-gen systems around the same time.

Source: Gamepur