Final Fantasy Explorers Trailer Features Jobs, Beasts and Cameos

Scheduled to release next month in Japan, Square Enix has today released a new trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers.

The latest video contains little that has not been covered by past trailers and offers another look at the game’s gameplay aspects, such as different available jobs, Summon Beasts, online gameplay, and cameos of characters from the installments of the main series.

In the game, players can transform into characters from other Final Fantasy installments using the trance system. This includes the ability to transform into Cloud and Lightning, Cecil from Final Fantasy IV, Vaan from Final Fantasy XII, and Tifa and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy Explorers will release on December 18 for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Currently there’s a demo available on the Japanese eShop for interested ones to try out and decide if they want to purchase the full game on release.