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Driveclub 1.07 Patch is Now Live – Brings Photo Mode, Three New Tracks and More

The launch of Driveclub didn’t go as smoothly as Evolution would have hoped. It was plagued by some severe issues that ruined the gameplay experience for a lot of players.

Developers have been working hard to fix those issues, and few patches have somewhat improved the overall experience.

Now, the patch 1.07 has gone live which not only fixes some of the major issues but also adds new features to the game, including Photo Mode, three new race tracks, and car packs for free.

Three race tracks are Yedepalli (India), Wester Ross (Scotland), and Los Pelambres (Chile). For now, Photo Mode will only be available for solo events, tours and challenges.

Furthermore, Photo-Finish Tour pack has been added, which features 11 new events and five new trophies.

Some other additions and changes brought to Driveclub are listed below:

  • Adds support for two new livery packs to PlayStation Store (free download available from Nov 25-SCEA, 26-SCEE, 27-SCEJ).
  • Each Livery Pack contains 5 new livery patterns to customise your cars with.
  • Changes have be made to corner cutting, corner penalties & collision penalties for balancing purposes.
  • Adds the ability to view a Club’s current unlocks (Vehicles, Paint Jobs, Club Badge Shapes and Accolade Stickers).
  • Integrates Player and Club Cards into various option menus.
  • Adds the option to hide and unhide the results screen in order to view the post-race cameras.
  • Adds Newest Clubs to the list of potential recipients when sending a Club Challenge.

Finally, performance improvements, bug fixes and some server functionality issues have been addressed with the patch 1.07.

Free Stuff that has been added to Driveclub with this update is compensation for the issues, which caused a lot of frustration for the players.

You can get more details and full changelog for patch 1.07 on the game’s official Facebook page.