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Top Delayed Games of 2014, Wait can Sometimes be Annoying

Well, what can I say, this year has been relatively harder on the gamers; being the first year after the latest generation of consoles were launched many of us had been waiting for a host of new games to release.

However, if I had to count, the number of highly anticipated games to be delayed into 2015 would be a lot more than usual.

First and the foremost was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; the game that is supposed to bring the trilogy of Geralt to a full circle. However siked I was for the game’s original release window of fall 2014, CD Projekt Red didn’t think the game was ready yet.

The developers think that the additional months were required to give us the quality that would satisfy us; and I agree with them.

After all, a couple of months’ wait for such an overwhelming open world and awe-inspiring visuals seems like a justified ask (regardless how painful it is being a consumer).

Next on the list would be Tom Clancy’s The Division; and when I put it next to Witcher 3 I do that on purpose for whatever Ubisoft has shown us so far has done nothing but impress us.

Just like Witcher 3, The Division was supposed to hit the racks in fall this year (imagine what we would have been doing right now if these two delays had not been done!).

However, unlike Witcher 3, the developers of The Division have still not shared what could be the exact release date of their shooter.

In fact, there are doubts that the game might not even make it next year! Looking at the history that Ubisoft have with delays, it wouldn’t surprise me either.

Furthermore, with the recent disaster of Assassin’s Creed Unity, they might want to take their time to come up with a satisfying experience for the consumers.

Originally planned for a release on October 14, 2014 the delay of Batman Arkham Knight was the one that hurt more than many others.

Reason being that Rocksteady has been ‘rock steady’ with the success rates of their Arkham titles and the first idea that comes to your mind after hearing of a delay is that something might have gone wrong.

Some of the public demonstrations were allegedly filled with performance issues, and I am sure that Warner Bros. wouldn’t want their biggest franchise to have a wobbly start.

I am thinking mid of the year would give it a nice and quiet release.

October has been especially tough for the gamers, even Battlefield Hardline couldn’t stick to its original October 21 release date and Visceral Games pushed it down to March 2015.

However, after having experienced the not-so-good beta, I don’t think many of us would still complain about the delay.

Am I sad about it? Well, I would be if the developers could do something to wash down cynicism suspecting that the game would be nothing more than a Battlefield 4 mod.

I hope the additional months would be enough for them to outdo the negativity.

That is not all we have lost from October, even Evolve, the cooperative shooter from L4D developers was supposed to see the light of day on October 21.

It seems like working on a unique idea took more time than what Turtle Rock Studios had expected, and now we are not going to get it until February 10.

Balancing is going to play a much larger part in the gameplay and that is something that most of the games can trip upon. So I am not complaining if they can give us an experience that they have promised.

There are multiple other games that were delayed down to the next year and I wouldn’t want to skip The Order 1886 from that list along with the PS4 and Xbox One version of The Elder Scrolls Online, Dying Light, Mad Max and yes, Quantum Break!

So all in all, this year has almost taken away all the games that we were looking forward to and has given us only a small chunk. If this trend goes on, it could become a much bigger reason to panic.

Some games were delayed because publishers didn’t want to lock horns; others were delayed because developers wanted to meet their promises.

One thing that is the underlying factor in my eyes is that developers went all in with the new titles on the new consoles and their lack of experience with the machines held them back in most of the cases.

I would still be content if it is any of the above reasons and nothing else because that means we will be over this phase soon – and look at the upside; we are going to get greater choices next year.

In the meanwhile, do let us know that which of these Delayed Games of 2014 is your favorite, and you were disappointed after hearing about the delay.