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This War of Mine is a Must Play Game of 2014

Every now and then we see a war-based game on the horizon in which we take control of a soldier and head into battle to kill countless enemy combatants.

Thereon it is just about the guns, gore and the violence for the most part; and I think there are enough games based on that already.

The one I am talking about right now does it differently, it has a sense of ingenuity because albeit being set in a war scenario, it is not about the fighters. It has the kind of a creative plot that should be tried more often.

War has been a part of human reality as well as fiction for as long as we can remember. More than often, we see only one side of it both in video games or movies but for the first time, war has been presented in a unique way.

It has been presented through the eyes of a common man. His struggles during the time of war. His hardships to gather food, water and most of all keep himself and his family alive, for just one more day.

Developed for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS and OS X platforms This War of Mine is a war simulator; but unlike other games, you’re not playing the role of a soldier nor you are a world renowned terrorist.

You’re just a regular person, without weapons or armour. Your task is simple, survive for as long as you can.

In a war, a regular person or family loses the most. They have nothing to do with it; yet, during war their loss exceeds all gain (if there is any).

This War of Mine is intense, emotional and immersive. It makes you feel what’s it like being trapped in the middle of a battle, between two sides and every character shares with us an unspoken message.

This War is Not Mine.

This War of Mine--

This War of Mine has managed to capture the essence of War. Some of the decisions you’ll have to make in the game will emotionally affect you.

Such as beating up an old man who’s begging you to stop, while threatening to murder his wife not because you’re a criminal, you’re just hungry and need their food.

The game has done a commendable job with transferring all the emotions from the game to its players. Not many games have managed to achieve that lately.

I highly recommend This War of Mine to all those who want to experience something fresh and unique. This War of Mine is available on Steam for $20 and some might argue that it’s a bit much for an indie game but if you ask me, it’s worth the price.