Smile Gate’s Lost Ark Online is a Thing of Beauty and It Plays Like Diablo 3

Unreal Engine 3 has been out in the wild for quite sometime, doing what it does best. The engine is old but it seems as though it still has some life left in it.

Proof of this, comes in the form of Lost Ark Online. Seemingly a Diablo 3 clone, it’s a project of Korean developer by the name of Smile Gate and as you can see in the footage above, the game looks absurd (in a fun way). I say that in the best possible way of course. This title surely deserves plenty of attention.

The hack n slash style gameplay looks incredibly fun. You can surely see the resemblance it has with Diablo 3 but it does a beautiful job of differentiating itself.

The game allows you to take down numerous enemies with a single strike and just by looking at it, I can assure you that this will be a highly addictive game.

Lost Ark features eye-catching environments, impressive animations and amazing spells and abilities. Also, there are four races to choose from; Warrior, Fighter, Gunner and Magician.

Furthermore, the game features an isometric top-down camera angle and has 18 playable characters.

According to Smile Gate, a closed beta for the game will begin in 2015. So far, the game has only been announced for a Korean release but hopefully, if the game gets enough attention in the west, it’ll be available there as well.

I didn’t see any platforms being mentioned so I am assuming it’s a PC game. However, in my opinion the game will be a suitable addition to PS Vita’s library of games but I highly doubt my Vita is that lucky.

I am highly intrigued by this game and looking forward to know more about it. What about you?