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Origins Of Xenoblade Chronicles X Discussed By Executive Director

Xenoblade Chronicles X got its dedicated twitter account over 10 days ago, but developers didn’t share anything new regarding the game until today.

Game’s executive director Tetsuya Takahashi in new tweets apologized to the fans for lack of information and assured that twitter will be more active from this day forwards.

Today, he has shared some new information regarding the origins of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

After the completion of the previous Xenoblade, when I told [Hitoshi] Yamagami-san’s team at Nintendo that I wanted to create something a little more sci-fi using Xenoblade as a base, they said it could be worth the challenge.

So then, we began thinking about what updates would be possible with the Wii U (such as making the maps seamless, having the game connect online etc.) and started to research. When everything seemed feasible, that’s when actual development began.

That’s just the story of how the game came into being, but now that Takahashi has assured that he will be continuously sharing new information on upcoming RPG, we can expect to see more tidbits in the coming weeks.

The game received an amazing new gameplay trailer just a few days ago, check it out right here.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is set to arrive in 2015, exclusively for Nintendo Wii U.

Source: Twitter