Master Chief Collection Brings Back Halo 2 Standbying Cheat

Those of you who have been Halo fans from the time of Halo 2 would remember the multiplayer modem exploit known as Standbying that was rampant in the old days.

Apparently, the cheat is back in Halo 2 Anniversary with Halo Master Chief Collection.

We have spotted a video on YouTube showcasing how one of the hosts is taking advantage of the Standbying exploit in Halo 2 Anniversary.

Originally, it was one of the first exploits that were used to cheat in the game. It can only be performed on a peer to peer connection as the involvement of the host is necessary.

Players hit the standby buttons on their modems that resulted in the game being frozen for others. That would be the time when the cheaters would go on rampage and kill off the enemies.

The host was required to hit the standby button to make other players start walking in straight lines to the path that they were on prior to the cheat being activated.

However, Halo Master Chief Collection uses a hybrid of P2P and dedicated servers and the issue will not be as common as before. Moreover, if it too much of a trouble, the frequent offenders would be spotted and hopefully banned like before.

Or do you think that Halo 2 Standbying cheat and other issues that the game faces warrant a complete shift to dedicated servers for Halo Master Chief Collection?