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GTA V PS4 Character Can Be Transferred To PC Version

Rockstar Games is encouraging its fans to buy Grand Theft Auto V for the third time on PC.

Rockstar support in a comment has revealed that your PS4 character can be transferred to the game’s PC version upon its launch in late January, 2015.

You should be able to transfer your PS4 Character to the PC Version when it comes out.

If you are eager enough to purchase the game once again on PC, you can continue right where you left off on your PS4. Currently, it has not been revealed whether Xbox One players will be getting the same feature or not.

GTA V was a huge success on last-gen consoles. The game broke several sale records in just a few days of its release.

The current-gen version is coming out tomorrow and there’s a high possibility that people will dive into Los Santos once again to get a taste of improved visuals and some new features.

Xbox 360 and PS3 players returning to current-gen version will receive a ton of money and bunch of other stuff, catch the details on them right here.

There are some features in Xbox One and PS4 version of GTA V that might entice you to purchase the game once again, but will you purchase it for the third time when it’s available for PC?

Source: NeoGAF