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Elite: Dangerous Won’t Feature Offline Single-Player Campaign

Although most of Elite: Dangerous features focused on the online gameplay upon its arrival on Kickstarter, but developers insisted that there will be an offline single player mode as well.

However, in an interesting turn of events, Frontier has stated that offline campaign is now completely off the table, instead the game will feature an online single player mode.

A fully offline experience would be unacceptably limited and static compared to the dynamic, ever unfolding experience we are delivering.

He continued on to explain why the game was stripped from this feature.

Galaxy, story, missions, have to match, and it does mean the single-player has to connect to the server from time to time, but this has the added advantage that everyone can participate in the activities that can happen in the galaxy.

Don’t expect it to become part of Elite: Dangerous even after the game’s release either, as the producer Michael Brookes states that offline mode “is impractical rather than impossible, but circumstances mean that it cannot be done. To make that happen we’d essentially have to create two games.”

Brookes continued on to apologize to the fans who were expecting to play offline single player, and stated that if they are unhappy about this feature’s exclusion, then their money will be refunded.

Elite: Dangerous is slated for release on PC on December 16.

Source: Official Newsletter