Dragon Age Inquisition PC: Low and Ultra Graphics Compared

It doesn’t get bigger than this, Dragon Age Inquisition has swooped us all off our feet with how much the game has to offer already. Now, finally the release date is here!

With so much being said and done about the title already you would assume that you know it all but hey do you know how the game would look with the graphics being set on low and on ultra?

Here’s a video that compares the graphics in great detail. Check it out and you will be surprised what can be achieved with a high end PC.

For instance, just look around the 40 second mark to see how even the hair looks quite different in both the settings. In fact, most of the things would look a lot shinier with the low settings as compared to a pretty realistic look on the ultra-settings.

Furthermore, if you are interested in finding out what the developers are saying about the graphics and installation size differences between the game’s different platforms, we suggest you head here.

Dragon Age Inquisition is going to release tomorrow i.e. November 18 in North America; Australia and European Union are getting it on November 20 and on November 27 in Japan.