Crossing Souls From Devolver Digital Goes Full 80s

Publisher Devolver Digital announced the support of a new title, called Crossing Souls, which will make its way to PC in 2016. It pitches a pixel art adventure in the style of eighties grand family adventures.

The time is 1986. A group of friends find the Duat stone, a powerful tool that allows them to see the souls of the fallen across time and space.

With the stone, the five friends set off to discover a story that involves conspiracies, an evil general and communicating with the dead. This takes place across multiple set pieces that portray the era and the movies the game channels.

There are arcades filled with bright lights, but also wooden train bridges. Some locations may even include a secret military base or a room that hides a giant robot.

Given there are five kids, Crossing Souls will opt for skill-specific characters that can each interact with scenery differently. This is used for a puzzle mechanism, where the youngsters help each other through certain areas.

Wielding the Duat stone also allows the group to see and speak with ghosts. Some specters, however, may not be as friendly and could inspire some Ghostbusters action moments.

An announcement trailer shows a few more period-accurate pieces, such as a frantic bike chase. Naturally, the art style gets caked in neon colors, in a style reminiscent of Capybara’s Super Time Force.

Currently, Crossing Souls is up on Kickstarter to fund the project. It requires a goal of $45,000. Devolver Digital will help with distribution, localization and quality assurance of the game.

Think of Crossing Souls like The Goonies, if Data found a way to manipulate reality as we know it.