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Assassin’s Creed Unity Looks Stunning on High-end Machines

We have talked a lot about how Assassin’s Creed Unity is crappy because of the glitches and the bugs that the game came with right from day one. The hue and cry is also justified since we are still waiting for Ubisoft to bring the game to the state that was promised.

However, being great at bug and glitches is not the only thing that the game does. There are some things that Unity has got right – and may be a little more than that.

What we are talking about here is how realistic the game looks especially in the usage of physically-based shading and lighting.

You would know what I mean if you have noticed how the game lands on the eyes while being played on high-end PCs. If you haven’t, here we are with some of the most stunning graphical elements that the game has pulled off.

The screenshots that you can see above and below have been provided by a NeoGAF user who says that they have been rendered using these hardware specs: GTX 980, i7-920, 16GB RAM, 256 Samsung SSD-HDD, 49’ 4K LG TV.

Coming to the figures, the images have been rendered at 1440p and the average frame rate during gameplay has been 40fps; this was dropped to 30fps during cutscenes.

In some of the images the specific areas that show off the graphical fidelity of Assassin’s Creed Unity have been marked, in others you can just look at the images and compare them to the other ‘next-gen’ titles. Surely this is one thing that Unity excels at.

There are more screenshots rendered at 1440p, which you can see at the thread. Do let us know if you have found Assassin’s Creed Unity as stunning as us.