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3DS Homebrew Exploit SSSPwn Cracks Nintendo 3DS Open

Those among you who have kept a lookout for the 3DS homebrew scene would know that there are people who have been trying to crack the security hurdles that Nintendo has put up on their handheld.

Known hacker Smealum, who has been working on a 3DS Homebrew exploit called SSSPwn has apparently got it right!

According to GBATemp Reporter Ryukouki, he has been working with Smealum on the exploit and finally, they have managed to pull it off. The exploit is going to go live on November 22!

According to them, the said exploit is quite similar to boot.elf, the Wii exploit and this is specially the case with the launching. You place the file at the SD-card roots, and it results in the launch with the screen glitching out.

So how does it get activated? You are required to go to a link and provide your firmware version there (the link will be provided later). Thereon you will get a set of directions that you will have to follow as well as details on a specific Nintendo 3DS title that you will need.

You can install the homebrew once you complete the instructions, and you have the homebrew channel:

“You can power down the system, or remove the SD card while in the Homebrew Channel to install homebrew, which takes the form of .3DSX files. These homebrew are placed in a created directory on the 3DS SD card’s root, and placed in a folder with that homebrew’s name.

The file is renamed boot.3dsx, and once you reinsert the SD-card; the Homebrew Channel will acknowledge the presence of the application, and you will be able to run homebrew!”

The guy who reported it, Ryukouki says that he has tested the homebrew, and it has the basics in place for the operations to be developed on.

While the specifics are going to be released on November 22, we have been told that it will work with both Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS.