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/r/wow Taken Offline in Protest to Warlords of Draenor Shaky Launch

The release of World of Warcraft’s latest expansion pack, Warlords of Draenor, earlier this week was marred by severe technical issues that left pretty much everyone in extremely long queues and unable to play the game.

Millions of players trying to sign in at once was sure to take a heavy toll on the servers. To make matters worse Blizzard also confirmed that they were hit with DDoS attacks that crippled them momentarily.

Outages during launch have been almost a tradition for every major online title, including each of Blizzard’s past expansion packs for World of Warcraft.

The top moderator of the game’s sub-Reddit “Nitesmoke” was pretty disappointed with how the launch had unfolded. After staying in queues for more than seven hours, he took down the entire WoW sub-Reddit in an act of protest and wrote on Twitter that it would only be back when he’d be able to log in.

“From this moment forward, r/WoW will be made private until I am able to log into the game,” he tweeted.

Another moderator aphoenix explained later how taking down the sub-Reddit could be beneficial to their protest. “Being that we typically log a million hits per day, /r/wow has a significant claim as a fan website,” aphoenix added. “‘Going dark’ in protest has worked for a variety of other protests, and it could work for this as well.”

Since then the sub-Reddit is back up but not before Nitesmoke was made a target of everyone’s fury.

His act even got a Blizzard community manager involved. Jonathan Brown, a senior community representative, responded to his tweets by saying that “r/WoW shouldn’t be a hostage. It should always be there for the community” and that “ownership of a subreddit should rest with someone who wouldn’t shut it down over frustration.”