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Evolve Reveals Big Alpha Numbers, More Than 1.3 Million Rounds Played

Following the end of the alpha testing of Evolve last week, developer Turtle Rock Studios sent an infographic over the weekend to inform all participants about some of the interesting data they had managed to collect.

The alpha ran for six days and during that time more than 1.3 million rounds were played or 1,327,493 to be exact. That’s divided between 753,414 wins for the hunters and 574,079 wins for the monsters.

The Assault class was the most picked one from the lot at 22.9 percent, followed closely by the Monster class with 22.4 percent. Following that was the Medic class at 19.5 percent, the Trapper class at 18.6 percent and finally the Support at 16.4 percent.

The infographic also revealed that more than 2 million hours of Evolve gameplay was viewed through Twitch during the alpha session, giving the game more than 7 million in total views. Finally, as a fun fact, the longest round in Evolve lasted for 40 minutes. I’ve no idea what both parties were doing during this time.

Evolve is scheduled for release on February 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.