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Valve’s Interactive Comic Suggests the Arrival of Oracle in Dota 2

An event called “Forseer’s Contract” suggests that Valve is planning the return of Oracle, one of the exclusive Dota 1 heroes.

Yesterday, Valve updated their blog with an interactive comic titled, The Contract. It tells us the story of a current Dota 2 hero, none other than The Phantom Assassin.

This comic shows Phantom Assassin on a mission to assassinate Oracle but is distracted and might possibly take a contract from him (Oracle) to kill those who oppose him.

Also, if you visit the page here, and take a look at the URL, you’ll notice that it includes the word “Oracle” in the address.

The Comic’s description reads:

“A mysterious figure, a ruthless assassin, and an infinite number of possibilities. The Foreseer’s Contract is coming soon… Come back next week to learn more.”

The blog post asked us to come back for more, next week. Considering Oracle is one of the few heroes from Dota 1, yet to be added in the sequel, we could hear something regarding this character’s inclusion, soon.

Furthermore, it seems as though the comic has more to tell us, so we’ll possibly see it being continued next week.

What is your take on this? Do you want to see Oracle be a part of Dota 2? Let us know in the comments below.