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Star Citizen Arena Commander Update Released

Drinking and flying spaceships goes hand in hand, everyone who has seen Firefly and Star Wars can vouch for that.

Guess the developers of Star Citizen realized that which is why they recently released a new update for the game’s Arena Commander module that adds a Liquor Cabinet flare item for development subscribers.

The update ( also adds the ability to fly 315P ships as well as various balance and tweaks to the ships and weapons in game. Some of these changes are listed below alongside the known issues still in the game that need fixing:

  • Max ammo of 35mm weapon reduced while damage increased.
  • 350r nose gun removed from default loadout.
  • Fixed control audio for 300 series.
  • Fixed missing thrusters which caused poor maneuverability for 300 series.
  • Virtual Joystick adjusted to allow for more precise control.
  • Vanduul ships can have missing geometry in some damage states.
  • Overclocking video cards can cause the game to crash.
  • 300i will occasionally ignore custom loadouts and enter a match with its stock weapons loadout.

The developers, Cloud Imperium have also released some new images showcasing the statistical data of the game which they gather from players such as K/D ratio, accuracy, player locations and their system hardware.

The full patch notes and the details can be seen here.