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The Order: 1886 New Images And Concept Art Released

The Order: 1886 is turning out to be one of the most ambitious and anticipated exclusives on PS4 and there is no denying that. This is exactly what the developers; Ready at Dawn are counting on which is why they keep dropping small teasers for eager PS4 users every now and then.

They have been pretty quiet recently, which is what makes this even more exciting.

The latest tease from the developers contains a few new images and concept art on Twitter from the game showcasing a feature called Blacksight as well as the visual fidelity of the game itself.

The images released also serve multiple purposes.

Not only do they highlight the impressive lighting and textures of the game but also serve as inspiration for cosplayers and those who are looking to grow and style their mustaches as part of the studio’s Movember effort which is attempting to raise money for cancer research.

The game is set in an alternate history London where players, and their allies are part of the Knights of the Round Table and fight various monsters in order to keep the world safe.

The Order: 1886 is scheduled to release on 20th February 2015 exclusively on PS4.