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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Matchmaking to Remain An Issue Until Next Week

Since release, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been a disappointment due to its severe matchmaking issues. Players aren’t able to enjoy a smooth online experience and had to wait hours before getting into a match.

343 is working hard to fix this; however, matchmaking will remain an issue until next week.

In a post on Halo-waypoint, 343 Industries stated that they have released an update to address some of the matchmaking and UI issues.

However, this won’t solve everything and players will have to wait till next week for a major matchmaking fix.

“Earlier today, we released a content update that addresses campaign, UI, and some Matchmaking and party issues. As we mentioned yesterday, a larger Matchmaking performance-focused content update is currently planned for release next week.”

In addition, the new update will also fix some server and party issues.

In an open letter, executive producer Dan Ayoub assured fans that 343 has identified the problem with matchmaking and the team has come-up with a solution.

343 has already removed some of the playlists that were not running as well as they should, in order to improve the game.

Not to worry, this is only temporary and everything will be back to normal, once the new update rolls out next week.