Halo Master Chief Collection Halo 3 Skulls Locations Guide

It’s time for more Skulls! Skulls in the Halo series are special collectibles that act as modifiers in the game, altering different features and elements to up the challenge. For those looking for a tougher campaign, the skulls are one of the best collectibles to search for.

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Halo Master Chief Collection Halo 3 Skulls Locations
In Halo 3, there are 13 skulls scattered across different missions. They are usually located in the most unlikely places. Good for you that we have the location for all the skulls, along with their effects, explained down below.

Blind Skull
Effect: HUD and weapon graphic are removed.

Location: In Sierra 117, at the first Covenant shuttle drop is a cliff overlooking a water pit. Follow the stream to the drop and then head in the northeast direction.

You will come across an outcropping rock out of the cliff that has the skull on it.

Iron Skull
Effect: Dying restarts players at start of the stage.

Location: In Sierra 117, in the train depot where Sgt. Johnson is held, you can jump on to the bridge where the hammer wielding Brute is. You can jump onto the side and then jump on the walkway that runs along the twin pipes. Follow the walkway till the end to find the skull.

Black Eye Skull
Effect: Shields recover only from successful melee attack.

Location: At the start of the Crow’s Nest mission, after Cmdr. Keyes has given the briefing check in the hall for a large brown pipe. The skull is located on it.

To get to the pipe, go up the stairs at the end of pipe’s bend, jump on the grill, then jump on the red girder, and you can climb on the pipe and grab the skull at the end.

Grunt Birthday Skull
Effect: Headshots to Grunts produce confetti.

Location: In the Crow’s Next mission, after defending the hangar you will have to go to the barracks. Before dropping down into the maintenance tunnel.

Carefully crouch on the ledge and let yourself ease down to a secret ledge directly below you (a green arrow sign is visible on this ledge). Once you drop down, head till the end to find this skull.

Tough Luck Skull
Effect: Enemies always dodge your shots and grenades.

Location: During the Tsavo Highway level, after disabling the anti-vehicle energy field in the tunnel, you’ll notice a large pipe that runs to the left of the road.

Get on to the pipeline and search for a support that is almost all the way down to the canyon drop. Get off the pipe and onto the support, and you should notice an outcropping rock with the skull on it at the end.

Catch Skull
Effect: Enemy grenades are super-fast.

Location: For this skull to appear in The Storm mission, you should not destroy or damage the standard Wraiths at all, or else the skull will not be at its location.

During the first battle at the beach, there is a silo-like pod structure that has the skull on top of it. In order to get on it, you need to park your vehicle on in and perform a crouch jump to the top.

Fog Skull
Effect: Player motion radar is removed.

Location: During the Floodgate mission, right at the start after a couple of minutes you’ll encounter a burning office building to your right.

There is a flood that is constantly jumping from building to building. This guy has the skull with him. Shoot him while he’s jump and the skull will go flying onto the street.

If it flies elsewhere, restart the checkpoint and try again.

Famine Skull
Effect: Picked up weapons hold half the ammunition.

Location: During The Ark mission, after Sgt. Johnson asks you to locate the Map Room “on the other side of this wall”, follow his Pelican to another structure similar to the Cartographer’s Room.

There are a few rocks on the left side next to the cliff. Jump on them and then climb the cliff, and jump on to the roof of the structure. Go to your left till the end to the second support pillar of the building.

Perform a grenade jump near the pillar’s on the incline to land on top of it, and you should find the skull there.

Cowbell Skull
Effect: Explosions are greatly enhanced.

Location: During The Ark mission, after defeating the Scarab, take a gravity lift from the small structure in the center. Continue on till you pass a room with lots of explosive plasma batteries.

The hallway that follows after that room has a tall section with openings in between. On the turning point of the hallway after going down the ramp, place the gravity lift so you are catapulted up to the upper-most opening, where you can find the skull.

Thunderstorm Skull
Effect: Enemy ranks promoted to highest available rank.

Location: During the Covenant mission, after destroying the first anti-air node, Hornets will be dropped so players can find and assist Sgt. Johnson’s team on the third anti-air node.

Head to the second anti-air node and you’ll see a building embedded into the cliff. Land on the building, then go up the ramp and further up to the building’s ‘nose’. You should find the skull over there.

I Would Have Beeb Your Daddy Skull
Effect: Unlocks new, humorous dialogs for the AI.

Location: Near the end of the Covenant level, after you and the Arbiter fight through the Covenant to stop Truth from firing the Halo weapons, the flood will turn against you and you’ll have to fight your way through to the elevator.

At this point, don’t drop down into the vent. Instead, go back and check the rings that were there. Number these rings from 1 to 7, with 7 being the nearest to Prophet of Truth and 1 the furthest away from it.

Now, you need to pass through certain rings in a specific order. These are the rings you need to pass through in proper sequence:

4 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 5 – 3 – 4

Note that the rings need to be passed while facing the direction of where Prophet of Truth is. If you make a mistake, you can restart it from the first set of jumps without penalty.

Once you complete this sequence of jumps, the skull will teleport to the platform where the “extend bridge” switch was.

Tilt Skull
Effect: All enemy weaknesses and resistances are doubled.

Location: During the Cortana mission, there will be a room where Cortana will ask, “Do you like playing games?” There is a purple console near the stairs that you can jump on, then jump on to the weird mushroom-like flood growths on the walls.

Jump onto the tentacle at the top and follow it to find the skull.

Mythic Skull
Effect: Game difficulty is boosted to one level higher.

Location: Upon landing on Halo during the Halo mission, stick to the right wall to find a cave. Head inside and follow the path all the way to the end to find the skull on the ground.

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