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DirectX 12 Will Not Work With Windows 7 According to AMD Chief

Gamers have been eagerly awaiting the launch of DirectX 12 which boasts increased performance and better support for multithreading in games as well as reduced power consumption.

The new version of DirectX will be built into Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 and will also be fully compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1 however Windows 7 users are receiving the short straw.

Even though majority of Microsoft OS users are still using Windows 7, the OS will not be compatible with the new Direct X version as confirmed by AMD’s Chief Gaming Scientist Richard Huddy.

Microsoft has been trying to shift users to its new operating systems which haven’t really caught the fire as Windows 7 did back in the day and this might actually be one such move.

There is no doubt that Windows 7 is the most used OS for all gamers as is evident by the Steam Hardware Survey according to which 47.8% of steam users use it compared to 21.4% of Windows 8.1

With the claimed capabilities of DirectX 12, the API could do wonders for users who are interested in gaming laptops but have been reluctant because of the price/performance ratio.