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Battlefield 4 Final Stand Launches on November 18 for Premium Members

At long last, DICE has unveiled the release date for its upcoming DLC “Battlefield 4 Final Stand.”

The DLC along with some of highly anticipated titles will launch on coming Tuesday, November 18 for Battlefield 4 Premium Members.

On the other hand, non-members will have to wait for a couple of weeks more. They will be able to get their hands on the title starting December 2nd.

Just like each expansion before, Final Stand will also feature four new multiplayer maps.

  • Operation Whiteout: You’ll fight through both enemy fire and the Siberian cold
  • Hammerhead: Explore a submarine base when you hit the mountainous Hammerhead
  • Hangar 21: Military secrets and hints of future battlefields lie within
  • Giants of Karelia: You’ll encounter both rural areas and a high-tech weapons factory

Furthermore, new hi-tech military gear has been added including HT-95 Levkov, which has the ability to fly sideways with strafing. An XD-1 Accipiter Pickup, along with a handheld rail-gun Rorsch MK-1 will be included in Final Stand as well.

That’s not all though, a new gadget called “Target Detector” has been added, which can be attached to DMRs and Carbines. This gadget will allow you to auto-spot enemies in the surrounding area.

Another gadget DS-3 Decoy will emit false blips on mini-map, fooling your opponents into thinking that you are near them.

For more details on Battlefield 4 Final Stand, visit the game’s official website.