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WWE 2K15 PS4 Gameplay Videos Shows Roster, Gameplay And More

The last-gen release of WWE 2K15 didn’t go as smoothly as 2K would have hoped. The game has been met with mediocre reviews, which largely criticize the developers for not bringing anything new to the table.

People hoping that the next-gen version will be different, are in for quite a disappointment. Just few days ahead of game’s release, a user has got his hands on the WWE 2K15’s PS4 copy, and has released plenty of new gameplay videos.

You can check out few of them posted below:

Initial Roster

Kane vs. The Undertaker (Extreme Rules Match)

John Cena vs. Cesaro

From the looks of these videos, the gameplay doesn’t seem any different from the last gen’s entry, especially the pacing feature is nowhere to be found.

Furthermore, the commentary which was promised to be improved than the previous games, is same as before. The crowd cheers/boos at the entrance are also unchanged.

If you are not that much interested in WWE, avoiding this year’s entry seems to be the best idea.

The final build is going to launch in just four days, and if you like what you see in the above videos, then go for it.

The choice is yours!

For more PS4 videos of WWE 2K15, you can check out YouTube channel of SugarRay Tyson.