Treat the Animals Right, Play on PETA’s Minecraft Server!

Everybody loves animals and so do I. however, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) definitely loves them more and is going to bring you an animal friendly Minecraft server as soon as tomorrow!

The official website of the organization has a post announcing what they have done for the game alongside a sneak peak trailer at what is in store for you with their servers:

True to PETA’s mission—and unlike on other Minecraft servers—no animals, not even digital ones, can be harmed on our dedicated Minecraft server! Visitors to PETA’s custom-made digital island will explore vast expanses of landscapes where the animals of Minecraft roam free.

They can also visit extensive vegetable and flower gardens, walk through a fantastic re-creation of PETA’s HQ, and discover an abandoned and decaying slaughterhouse.

Oh well, okay. Maybe the part about ‘no animals, not even digital ones, can be harmed!’ is a bit overkill but hey we do have people who love animals so much that they wouldn’t want a computer generated imagery of an animal to be killed by another computer generated imagery of a man.

Yeah, sounds about correct.

So the Minecraft server in question is going live for the public on this Saturday, November 15 that is tomorrow. When that happens PETA will also hold certain building competitions combined with a ‘pro-animal rally.’

I have no idea what the latter is going to do in the game but PETA has asked that we should back with them on Saturday for more information.

Looking at the video above, I am sure many of you are going to be glad about the things they have done. For starters, it is a whole new region for you to explore and it also comes with a cause!

So what do you think of the animal friendly Minecraft server of PETA?