This War of Mine Launches With Emotional Trailer

Developer 11 bit studios has released This War of Mine on Steam. It’s available for €18.99 and comes with an emotional launch trailer.

The focus of the trailer isn’t so much the gameplay snippets, but the surrounding story that cements the harsh theme of the game. Emir Cerimovic recalls a time in Sarajevo in 1992, when the city underwent the longest siege known to modern warfare.

There, Cerimovic saw the atrocities of war from a human perspective. Families woke up without any electricity or running water, while people outside could be seen looting and killing each other.

It took a year to escape Sarajevo. Cerimovic was nine years old at the time. This sort of constant nightmare is the catalyst of the game.

In This War of Mine, gameplay is seen in a 2D side-scrolling perspective. Players manage a hideout of survivors, who try to evade the ongoing war as much as possible.

During the day, refugees need to hide, lest snipers scope them out. At night, it’s possible to venture out into the dangerous, but now obscured, territory to scavenge resources.

Hideouts can be upgraded with the found items from nightly runs. It’s hereby possible to find a semblance of comfort in the shelter, though it’s also useful as protection.

This War of Mine will tackle tough topics as well. It’s likely that some decisions may have life-and-death consequences. Each game is randomly generated.

Right now, This War of Mine is only available online. Publisher Deep Silver will make a retail version available on November 28, 2014.