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Sony Apologizes For PS4 Network Issues

Sony has been under a lot of heat recently, especially since much awaited but highly buggy 2.0 firmware. While Sony has apologized for the issues and even released two further updates to remedy the situation, the community is still out for blood.

Speaking to VG247, Michael Ephraim, Australian PS4 boss, said that Sony does its best to react quickly to any developing problems, such as those encountered with the release of firmware 2.0.

Michael admits the release of the firmware that brought Share Play and Youtube App to PS4 users was more than rocky and a lot of people were unable to go online after updating.

He claims that such things are inevitable and no one, not even Sony is bulletproof when designing updates to cater to such a large market of ever growing users.

He does, however, seem to be extremely pleased by the performance of the PSN team in remedying the problem “I think the good thing is, we reacted quickly and the fix is out, about two or three days after. So we apologise.”

The full interview can be read here where Michael also discusses the early triumph Sony has over Microsoft’s Xbox One sales as well as the digital pricing issue for Australian users.