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Lords Of The Fallen Ships 700K Units, Developers Working On Two New AAA Titles

Lords of the Fallen came out just over a couple of weeks ago and in just that time; more than 700,000 units have been shipped to the retailers.

CEO of CI Games, Marek Tyminski seemed pretty excited on this achievement stating that company’s production formula has worked really well.

I think we proved with Lords of the Fallen that our production formula works well. It’s not about how many people you have internally. It’s about the quality of that talent.

Marek continued on to provide details regarding the development team. He said that over 65 people from Deck13 worked on Lords of the Fallen while more than 100 contractors worked at separate times.

However, the biggest contribution to the development came from the executive producer Tomasz Gop and his team of 10 people at CI Games.

Furthermore, he teased that two new AAA titles are currently in production, more details on them will be revealed in the future.

Tyminski then went on to say that currently, there are no plans to hire more people instead the studio is looking to form partnerships which will help them deliver quality products to the consumers.

Our goal is not to grow significantly in terms of the number of people on each team, but it’s really making smart decisions with synergies and selecting proper partners who can deliver up to the quality that our design team would be establishing.

First DLC of Lords of the Fallen has been announced, which will add a new playable area to the game among other additions.

Source: Polygon