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League of Legends: Riot Games Is Rewarding Players To Promote Positive Behaviour

We often see developers or publishers take action against players with negative behavior such as cheating, abusive language etc. However, how often do we see these devs appreciating players with positive behavior and rewarding them in some way?

Riot Games has revealed that during the League of Legends 2014 season, 95% of their players showed positive behavior and were not punished in any way.

The majority of players haven’t received ranked restrictions, chat restrictions and temporary/permanent bans in 2014. In order to reward them and further encourage this for the next season, Riot is giving-away a 4-win IP boost.

As a first step, players who haven’t been chat restricted or had their account suspended in the 2014 season will receive a 4-win IP boost. Due to the number of players receiving this reward, we’ll be granting the bonuses over the next week.

Keep an eye out for a shiny new boost icon next to your IP balance.

Riot Games also stated that they had been pretty active recently in dealing with cases of “verbal toxicity” and are now testing new systems to handle “gameplay toxicity” such as leavers, intentional feeders and AFK’s

This is a good move by Riot, not only they are rewarding players but are also making it clear that players with negative behavior aren’t welcomed in their community.