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Kiss Ltd Handles Maximum Games’ Digital Catalog, Plans 30 Steam Titles In 6 Months

Publisher Kiss Ltd is on likely the most prolific company for PC games this year. In recent news, the publisher has announced that it will represent publisher Maximum Games as that house’s download partner.

Maximum Games is from the US, based in California. With the partnership, the company wants to get deeper into the digital download market, which is where PC games are headed anyway.

While Maximum Games handles titles like Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments or Rugby 15, don’t expect any big names just yet. As with Kisses modus operandi, a bunch of small games will be sent out first.

A game coming later today is Crab Cakes Rescue. It’s a 2D platform title, where crustaceans can use their shell to create new platforms for subsequent runs. It resembles Life Goes On in that way.

The second title planned from Maximum Games is Deer Hunt Legends. It’s one of those arcade safari titles that simply have you go around shooting animals. It even gets marketed with the classy words:

You’re not out there to take notes. You’re out there to kill!

To show you just how active Kiss is on the PC market: The company now has over 60 games on Steam and it’s planning to churn out 30 more in the next six months alone. That’s coming dangerously close to dumping levels.

Just recently, the company released an expanded match-3 puzzle game, called Gunspell, from the developers of the Warlock strategy games. They also brought out Project Nimbus on Early Access, a game reminiscent of Zone of the Enders.