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Halo Master Chief Collection Dedicated Servers, Problems Explained

Halo Master Chief Collection has launched but the game is not free from the vices of connection problems. In fact the issues are so bad in some regions that players are already complaining.

In fact, on this thread people voiced their concerns about the game’s lack of dedicated servers; that is not the case however, as Microsoft has come to the rescue with explanations.

Talking to VentureBeat, a Microsoft representative first explained how the game mixes up the use of dedicated servers with peer to peer connections:

Halo Master Chief Collection indeed uses dedicated servers for matchmade games. While custom and campaign co-op games are peer-hosted. As an emergency contingency in matchmaking, the game is designed to fall back to traditional peer-hosted gameplay in the event that there are connectivity issues with the dedicated servers.

Furthermore, some players get chucked into a peer hosted connection over a dedicated server and according to Microsoft this could happen due to a couple of reasons.

First off, there is the obvious one i.e. unavailability of the dedicated servers for a region; then there is the issue with poor ping rates being sent to the dedicated servers; lastly the connection could land up in certain configuration issues hurdling the path to dedicated servers.

So basically it is more of a problem of saturation than outright unavailability of the dedicated servers. If this is going to be the only issue then I am sure we will have smooth connectivity once the initial rush slows down and the regular players remain.

The approach taken by Halo Master Chief Collection is similar to Advanced Warfare, do you think it is the right decision on part of 343 Industries and Sledgehammer Games?