Emergency 5 Has “Not Reused A Single Pixel”

Publisher Deep Silver has released a new trailer for Emergency 5, their upcoming disaster simulation title. It goes over some of the features and locations of the game.

Three cities will be recreated in Emergency 5, each in a different region of Germany. Munich, Hamburg and Berlin will all feature known landmarks, which will have disasters created around them as well.

Aside from the more prominent firefighters on most of the game’s promotional materials, Emergency 5 enlists police forces and emergency workers. More than twenty vehicles are available in total.

Once you’re done with the city, the game provides an editor that can create custom disasters. This can be done with two players simultaneously.

As such, there is a multiplayer option in this version. Up to four players can work together in free-play maps.

Emergency 5 is part of a long-running series. Its first iteration was launched in 1998 and contained recreations of real-life events.

For the fifth full release, Deep Silver really wants its audience to know they went all out. In the clip, the narrator states:

The developers have not reused a single pixel from its previous assets.

Its latest iterations had been coasting off the release of Emergency 2012 for a while. Both 2013 and 2014 put out expansions instead, so fans are due for an entirely new project.

Emergency 5 will be out on November 28, 2014. That’s a bit of a delay from the original plans set on October 2014, but since we’re past that by now, you all knew that.