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Destiny Update 1.0.3 Will Introduce Voice Chat Beta

Destiny’s November update 1.03 is going to add new voice chat option. Players were requesting this feature and wanted the option to chat with other guardians they meet via matchmaking.

Bungie believes that the introduction of this feature will lead to a more friendly environment for players. Update 1.03 is scheduled to be live on November 18 and will give players access to “Team Chat.”

Using this channel, players will be able to communicate with other gamers they meet through Destiny’s match-making system, in addition to Fireteam.

According to a post by Bungie:

“This option will be available in any matchmade activity – including Strikes and in team-based Crucible matches. Team Chat is signified by the megaphone icon.”

During an activity in which opt-in voice is available, players will receive a message stating, “team voice channel is now available” at the lower left of your screen.

Once that happens, players will have to access the navigation mode via Ghost. In the navigation mode, you’ll see the interface for voice channel selection.

The lower right-side of your screen will contain the following

  • Directional button icons
  • Highlights for available chat options
  •  Text for current channel
  •  Icons for current channel

And that’s it, use your preferred channel and speak with other Guardians you meet.

Make sure to give your feedback to Bungie regarding this feature,  so that they can work on improving it for us.

Source: Bungie