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Advanced Warfare is the Most Streamed Game on Twitch for 2014

According to Twitch, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has scraped all the previous records and become the most streamed game on the service for the year 2014!

This was supported by figures that talk of 5.4 million hours of streamed content that was watched by the fans. Footage for the game has been broadcast by more than 75,000 people and the shared videos have been viewed at least 26 million times by 6 million people.

In total people have watched the game for 327 million minutes!

Ernest Le the director for publisher and developer partnerships at Twitch said that even after such a massive response from the community, they were not surprised:

“Since the ‘Call of Duty’ community on Twitch is extremely passionate, we are not surprised that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare set a milestone for most streamed console game of the year based on launch week comparisons. Our community spent over an hour a day watching and engaging with people playing the game, illustrating the incredibly strong appeal of live interactive video.”

Michael Condrey the founder of Sledgehammer Games says that this was an incredible response as million were playing and even more were watching (on a side note, does that mean the latest COD has sold less than 6 million units so far?)

Well in my opinion, this is one of many big games that are being released this month and not everyone is going to be able to buy everything that comes out in these four weeks or more.

So I guess people would be watching more of all the incoming games before they spend on them, don’t you think?

As far as Twitch is concerned, they were acquired by Amazon for $970 million this year and have over 60 million users. Sledgehammer on the other hand has not shared any sales figures for Advanced Warfare with us yet.