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343 Removes Some Halo Master Chief Collection Playlists to Improve Matchmaking

Upon release, Halo Master Chief Collection suffered from several matchmaking issues. Players had to wait hours before they were placed in a match. What is 343 is planning to do about it? You may ask.

For now, they are removing some of the playlists from the game as a temporary solution. In a post on Halo waypoint, 343 stated:

We are aware that while some users are reporting improved Matchmaking experiences, many users have not seen an improvement. As a result, we are temporarily moving to a limited playlist layout that will allow for players to find games faster.

Playlists we’ll be saying goodbye to (temporarily) are posted below:

  • Team Hardcore
  • Rumble Pit
  • Halo 4
  • SWAT (rotational)

Updated playlist will be as follows:

  • Team Halo 2: Anniversary
  • Halo Championship Series
  • Team Slayer
  • Big Team Battle
  • Halo 2 Classic
  • Halo 3

According to 343 industries, this will make matchmaking process run faster and will apparently improve match-times. Even after removing some playlists, not all matchmaking issues will disappear but 343 will soon resolve them.

Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with these issues for long, and we’ll be able to experience the legacy of Master Chief without problems.