Video Tutorial Explains How to Play The Witcher Adventure Game

If you recall, there’s also a board game in the works called The Witcher Adventure Game.

Available in both physical and digital forms, players have their choice of roles from four characters – the series protagonist Geralt, Dandelion, the dwarf Yarpen Zigrin and the sorceress Triss Merigold. Together players will hunt monsters, complete quests and help or harass other players.

Today CD Projekt Red and Fantasy Flight Games have released a video tutorial explaining just how to play the game.

Together with Fantasy Flight Games we are thrilled to give everyone a glimpse at The Witcher Adventure Game in a brand-new tutorial video. We hope you find it both interesting and informative!

Each hero plays differently and hence players must carefully decide on what role they want to keep. At its core, The Witcher Adventure Game is pretty easy to understand and is pretty much like most board games.

The digital version can be pre-ordered now from GOG for $8.99. We’re not sure how much the physical version will cost.

The Witcher Adventure Game releases later this month on November 27, ahead of the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that’s scheduled to hit stores in February next year.