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The Witcher 3 Adds NPC of Fan Suffering From Cluster Migraine

One Witcher fan named Nick is suffering from a brain condition called Cluster Migraine. It is different from normal migraine, as it never stops and Nick had to suffer constant pain since his teenage years.

However, the pain is kept under control with some strong medications but there are times when the pain just doesn’t go away.

Explaining his condition on Reddit, Nick said that during those bad days, he tries to divert his attention towards books or video games in order to take his mind off the pain.

According to Nick, he likes to play big and immerses games as they have a therapeutic effect on him. One such game that helps him with his condition, is the famous Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

He loved the game so much that he decided to write a thank-you note to developer CD Projekt Red. In the note, he explained how their game has helped him with his condition.

Nick exchanged a few mails with the company, and they sent him keys for Witcher Adventure Game beta, along with some codes for Witcher Comic Book.

“Basically, the team behind The Witcher series is absolutely amazing and I love them,” Nick Stated.

In a statement, CD Projekt commented on this by saying that Nick never wanted anything from them and just showed how much he appreciates their game.

“Some time ago we got an email from this guy. He described his situation and wanted to let the studio know what he thinks about our games and what they mean to him. That was a very kind and touching email. He didn’t ask for anything, just to pass the message to others in [CD Projekt] Red.”

After talking to Nick, CD Projekt came up with an idea. They decided to put Nick’s likeness in the upcoming Witcher 3. Nick was highly excited after being offered to be immortalized in the game. He provided his pictures and CD Projekt made it happen.

He is having not one but two models of himself in the game. First one will be a villager, while the other is a town’s crafter.

This is a real-classy move by CD Projekt to make a fan feel better.