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Shield Tablet Getting Android L, Bundles, Cloud Based Games

If you are a Shield Tablet user you are in for good news. Very soon, Nvidia is going to upgrade the tablet adding new features to it like the latest iteration of Android. That is not all; soon you will be introduced to tons of cloud based games as well as a bundle for the tablet!

So first off, The Green Box Bundle is going to get you a 32GB LTE machine with Android 5.0 i.e. Lollipop. All this will be accompanied by Half-Life 2 Episode One, Half-Life 2 and Portal, as well as tons of cloud based games over Nvidia Grid.

That being said, you will now be able to buy the Shield products in United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Japan and South Korea. The products include The Shield Tablet (16GB and 32 GB), Controller, and Cover.

As far as the cloud based games are concerned, you are going to get 20 titles in the beginning through the Nvidia Grid service that stream the games on demand to the tablet. They plan on taking the number up to a 100 different titles!

Matt Wuebbling, the director of the mobile business at Nvidia was talking to VentureBeat where he said:

“These three different additions really focus on our target market. We have new software with Lollipop. We have Episode One. And through Grid, we can deliver a whole wealth of content through Grid that you couldn’t previously run on a tablet.”

So tell us, will you be buying the Shield Tablet bundle?