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Panache is new Studio of Assassin’s Creed Creator Patrice Desilets

You might remember Patrice Desilets, the guy who created the Assassin’s Creed series and was a part of the first two titles in the series. He had parted ways with Ubisoft in a very unwelcome manner but now he is back on the radar with a brand new development studio called Panache Digital Studio.

The news was announced by the developer himself through a tweet on his rarely used Twitter profile.

As far as Patrice Desilets’ history with Ubisoft is concerned, he became a part of the development studio when the latter had acquired THQ Montreal in January 2013 – along with around 170 other developers.

He was then fired in May 2013 with Ubisoft claiming that he and the studio couldn’t align their priorities regarding the projects and so he left the studio.

Patrice on the other hand had said he ‘was unceremoniously escorted out of the building by two guards without being able to say goodbye to my team or collect my personal belongings’ i.e. he was terminated. That is when he had vowed that he will ‘fight Ubisoft vigorously.’

This was followed by a lawsuit being filed by Patrice in June 2013 in lieu of rights to purchase 1666 franchise.

We don’t have any information regarding the future plans of the newly launched Panache Digital Games studio because so far Patrice has not shared anything on that front.

What we know is that the development studio is Montreal based and that the studio has something for moose. Check out the website yourself and see.

We will keep you informed on any new game announcements that Panache Digital Games makes in the future so stay tuned. However, tell us if you would like to see them try something like Assassin’s Creed, after all, it is the creator of the series that we are talking about.