League of Legends: New Summoner’s Rift Map is Now Live

Riot Games has been hard at work on making the famous Summoner’s Rift map one of a kind. Giving the map an overhaul both technically and visually.

And now, the new summoner’s Rift map has finally gone live and players can now experience the changes for themselves.

The updated League of Legends map is available to everyone and it can only be accessed through the Team Builder queue and in bot matches.

The 5v5 map is completely revamped and developers have geared it towards better graphics fidelity. The basic layout of this classic map will remain the same as before but gameplay is improved and both information and visual queues now stand out more.

Riot has also made some adjustments to the camera, this will improve the accuracy of skill shots on the edges of the map and will allow more space at the bottom of your screen.

Overall gameplay of Summoner’s Rift will remain relatively unchanged. However, both Dragon and Baron Nashor are getting updated skill sets.

Some minor thematic changes have also been made, for example, wolves are now living inside small caves which helps the world feel more realistic.

So what do you think of these improvements? Tried it? Share your views with us in the comments below!