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John Carmack Thinks Minecraft Will Be “Awesome” On Gear VR

We have a question from John Carmack that needs to be answered if you want to see Minecraft on Gear VR. Carmack wants to know who needs to be convinced at Mojang, that Minecraft will be “awesome” on their Gear VR.

Showing his interest in bringing the highly popular game to this platform, he tweeted:

“Who do I have to convince at Mojang post-@notch that Minecraft PE on Gear VR would be awesome?”

Carmack has shown interest in bringing the game to the VR before and now when Mojang is Microsoft’s property, he is giving it another go.

Mojang and Oculus were talking about a VR version of of it but after Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, Notch cancelled the deal. Stating that “Facebook creeps me out.”

Now that Notch is no longer a part of Mojang, Carmack feels that it’s time to see if Microsoft shows any interest in Minecraft being on Gear VR.

Gear VR is the result of a collaboration between Oculus and Samsung in which Cormack played an instrumental part.

The idea is intriguing, but it will be interesting to see if Microsoft feels the same way. Something tells me this won’t be the last time we’re talking about this.

Source: Twitter