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Halo 5: Guardians Beta Ranking System Detailed by 343 Industries

The beta for Halo 5: Guardians will kick off this December and today, game’s Multiplayer Designer, Josh Menke has provided us with some details regarding the competitive ranking system of the game.

He continued on to explain that a win will get you points while a loss will reduce them and the amount will depend on the enemy’s skill.

The 2100 mentioned in the tweet is actually a rating.

Top 200 will have rating around 2000, after that 1500+ will be semi pro. The Pro and Semi Pro will get the rating, while rest of the classes will get a tier (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

Some other details shared by Menko are listed below:

  • The ranking system differs from League of Legends mostly for the lack of a qualification series. There’s a bit more transparency.
  • The system aims to have roughly a 2% of semi-pro.
  • There will be no level cap at 50.
  • You can lose your rank and even Pro status if people pass you.
  • Leaderboards may not be baked for the beta. Hopefully, will be for launch. At worst, they will be on Waypoint, but ranks will be visible in the lobby.
  • Skill system will usually move faster than the ranks to matchmake. You may be matching Gold while still in Silver.

Do note that all of these details are about game’s beta and might not feature in the final game as is. Those of you who purchased Halo: The Master Chief Collection will get their hands-on Halo 5 beta starting December 29.

More details on Halo 5: Guardians will be shared as we draw near to beta release.